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Power and industrial transformers represent the top class of transformer technology. When transforming infrastructural currents, a high degree of reliability in the development and manufacture of transformers must be ensured. SIK Industries supplies transformers that meet the highest safety requirements and offer outstanding efficiency.

What the power supply unit does when charging household appliances such as laptops or mobile phones, our large transformers implement for entire industries: They transform voltages up or down by a multitude of your output voltage. In the process, they develop maximum voltages of several megavolts.

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We are your contact for large components, machines and devices for all industrial applications, whether they are to be developed in stages or newly.

Transformers from SIK Industries can be used as mains transformers, matching and autotransformers or transformers for power converters.

Großproduzent für Stromrichter, Transformatoren und Generatoren mit hoher Performance

Solutions for different
Fields of application

Ofentransformator mit extrem hohen Leistungsspitzen

Furnace transformers

A common use of converter transformers for industrial applications is to provide a reliable power supply for arc and graphite furnaces in heavy industry.

Power up to 200 MVA
In this area, the transformers are required to provide high performance up to overload. Our furnace transformers have an output of up to 200 MVA and offer good compensation for temporary overloads and load changes under the toughest conditions.

HGÜ Transformator für maximale Zuverlässigkeit

HVDC transformers

Transformers for high-voltage direct current transmission are also called HVDC transformers. They have a particularly high transition power between the primary and secondary side.

Highest reliability
The purpose of the transformation is to ensure low-loss transmission of the electricity in the high-voltage grid. Due to the grid supply function of this transformer type, SIK Industries develops the most reliable HVDC transmission transformers on the market.

Transformator für hohe Performance

Individual solutions

Do you need power transformers that meet the highest demands? We are your experts in the field of high performance transformers and develop individual solutions tailored to your needs.

Power up to 1200 MVA
An excerpt from our product family of transformers includes

  • Single-phase power transformers with up to 1200 MVA
    for traction power supply
  • Three phase power transformers with up to 450 MVA
  • Insulating transformers
  • Ship transformers

Your benefits of our
Power transformers:

  • High efficiency
  • High power density
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance, long service life
  • Simple structure
  • Low wear and tear
  • Precise wear analysis
  • Service & maintenance by transformer professionals

Your benefit:
No matter which transformer solution you need for your industrial application: SIK Industries has a modular design principle to meet your requirements in the shortest possible time. Defined design options ensure our customary high quality for every new development.

Leistungstransformatoren Produktionshalle

Our team of specialists is available to you for the implementation of your project in a professional and comprehensive manner. SIK Industries sees itself as your full-service development provider.

Our transformers
in the ranges...


We are experts in the propulsion of rail-bound vehicles and ships. Almost every type and performance of drive system lies within our development possibilities. We make sure that your means of transport experience a powerful drive.

Heavy industry

You need reliable transformers for melting furnaces, conveyor systems in steel production or other applications? Due to a multitude of successful projects in transformer construction for heavy industry, we also accept your challenges!

Offshore platforms

On offshore platforms, transformers are subjected to the toughest of conditions: salt water and strong winds have to withstand the transformers without any problems. SIK transformers are specially developed for these applications due to their extremely robust construction.