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Do you need customized power converter solutions for your large-scale application?

Current and rectifier from SIK Industries
Power converters are able to change the type of current or parameters such as frequency and voltage. Thus, a conversion from three-phase to direct current is applied from power generation to power transmission. SIK Industries plays an important role in this infrastructural supply function by developing highly reliable rectifiers.

Reliable inverters
After transmission, the currents must be provided again as alternating current decentrally to the 240V supply. For this purpose, we also supply you with the required inverters of the highest quality.

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We are your contact for individual components, machines and devices for all industrial applications, which are to be developed both new and existing.

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Traction Inverter

Modern drive systems in rail transport are characterized by reliable, powerful three-phase motors. To supply these drives with power, the corresponding three-phase power supply system is required on board.

SIK Industries supplies the traction converters on IGBT basis. Here, IGBT semiconductor technology offers you the greatest flexibility in application. With the help of this technology you can operate the supply of your drive systems with the most modern technology.

Auxiliary converters

Auxiliary converters are used to create the connection between consumers and the energy supply of vehicles. They are a key element in passenger comfort and enable the operation of air conditioning systems and 240V sockets for charging passengers' personal electronic devices.

With auxiliary converters from SIK Industries it is possible to easily and reliably set up a three-phase on-board power supply system in your vehicle to supply three-phase auxiliary units.

Individual solutions

With our modular development system we can quickly respond to your individual wishes at low cost. The focus here is on integration into existing systems.

We offer you:

  • Single-phase inverters of 15,000 V at 16.67 Hz or 25,000 V at 50 Hz
  • Multiphase power converters of 750 V, 1,500 V or 3,000 V
  • DC power converters from 6.3 kW to 30 MW

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Power converter:

  • High efficiency
  • High power density
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance, long service life
  • Simple structure
  • Low wear and tear
  • Maintenance & Service

Your benefit:
No matter which power converter you need for your industrial application: SIK Industries has a modular design principle to meet your requirements in the shortest possible time. Defined design options ensure our customary high quality for every new development.

Stromrichter mit IGBT-Modulen

Our team of specialists is available to you for the implementation of your project in a professional and comprehensive manner. SIK Industries sees itself as your full-service development provider.

Our reliable
Semiconductor Technology

Modern power electronics in the form of IGBTs are replacing obsolete systems such as GTOs in power converters. Would you also like to raise your power supply to new standards and benefit from more flexible and reliable power electronics?

SIK Industries designs precisely tailored power converter solutions that meet the toughest challenges. We rely on the latest IGBT technologies to fully exploit the combined advantages of different semiconductor systems.

Our power converters
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SIK Industries supplies the auxiliary converters required to implement the operation of reliable auxiliary drives on board trains and buses. We also ensure reliable supply of the traction motors by means of traction converters.

Energy Transmission

Reliable transformer solutions are required for the transmission and subsequent decentralized distribution of infrastructural currents. SIK Industries supplies the appropriate power converters to convert the current into high-voltage direct current after generation.

Wind power

In order to reduce emissions through conventional energy generation, SIK Industries works together with manufacturers of wind power plants, thereby further promoting the energy turnaround. We supply reliable power converters for wind turbines of various sizes.