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You need powerful machines for your large-scale application?

No matter what kind of electric motors and generators you are looking for: With us you will find the right high-performance machines that will give your large-scale applications a powerful drive. The technical requirements for electric motors and generators are constantly increasing. At SIK Industries, too, we reinvent the limits of what is possible every day and develop larger and more powerful electric machines. So you can challenge us with new developments, servicing and maintenance of electrical machines.

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We are your contact for individual components, machines and devices for all industrial applications to be developed both new and existing.

Our solutions for
different areas of application:

Direct current motors

SIK Industries' externally excited direct current motors offer very good controllability. They can be used wherever precise control of speed and torque is required. These motors convince with a high starting torque and high acceleration.

Torque: up to 220 kNm
Power range: from 10 kW to 3000 kW
Nominal voltages: from 140 V to 1200 V

Three phase motors

AC motors are the most commonly used electric motors. They have a low current consumption at start and an adjustable torque limitation. A variable usable speed is also a great advantage of this motor.

Models: asynchronous motors, synchronous motors
Power range: 28000 kW
Nominal voltages: up to 15 kV

Electric generators

In the field of power plant technology and renewable energies, powerful large-scale generators are used to generate energy. SIK Industries supplies reliable three-phase synchronous machines in this field. These provide the reactive power required for grid stability during power generation.

During rotation of the driven rotor, a stationary magnetic field is created around it. The stator contains three stator windings from which three-phase current can be drawn.

Your benefits of our
Electric machines:

  • High efficiency
  • Reduced dimensions and weight
  • No emissions (operation possible in workshops, tunnels, etc.)
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance, long service life
  • Simple structure
  • Possibilities of energy recovery
  • Low wear and tear
  • Better running smoothness

Your benefits:
No matter what challenge you face, we look forward to using our know-how to show you an effective way to solve your technical problem.

Elektromaschinen und Generatoren in der Produktion

Our team of specialists is available to you for the implementation of your project in a professional and comprehensive manner. SIK Industries sees itself as your full-service development provider.

Our electric machines
in the ranges...

Mobility Industry

We are experts in the propulsion of rail-bound vehicles and ships. Almost every type and performance of drive system lies within our development possibilities. We make sure that your means of transport experience a powerful drive.

Mechanical and plant engineering

You need powerful drives for pumps, compressors, conveyor belts or other applications? Thanks to a large number of successful projects in mechanical and plant engineering, we do not shy away from even the highest demands.

Renewable Energy

In order to reduce emissions through conventional energy generation, SIK Industries works together with manufacturers of wind power plants, thereby further promoting the energy turnaround. We reliably supply generators for wind power plants of various sizes.